Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursdays Favorite Things by The Average Girl's Guide

It is Thursday which means another addition of Thursdays Favorite Things.  We are blessed with another guest post this week.

Meet Alyson.  She is the fabulous lady behind The Average Girl's Guide.   Alyson is another Florida fashionista.  She is located in South Florida and I absolutely love her style and humor.  I am sure you will love her favorite things. 

Statement Necklaces

Since I can be uber lazy about changing out my earrings (sad news to my earring collection!), necklaces offer the perfect outlet to personalize my look. Even a ho-hum tee gets the glitzed-up, all-star treatment when you add a glam necklace, a delicate vintage long necklace or a bold bauble around your neck. Places to find: BaubleBar (pic: hatshepsut beads), J. Crew, Target, JewelMint


I should start to sleep in cardis I love them so much! They're absolutely perfect with their ability to infuse a bold pop of color, fancy up a casual look and of course, conceal my tush, when needed! I just might have a cardy addiction, but that's OK with me.

Striped Top

I have love striped tops for as long as I can remember. While I used to only want to wear blue striped tops (I'm talking way back in the day, like 5th grade times!) I'll now take one home in any color. I'm often partial to a navy and white stripe; this fall I'm dedicating myself to pairing my stripes with more patterns and various colors. Madewell has the best classic stripes, including this one with a little bit of arm personality.

Dark Jeans

Is this a lame option? Maybe but I can't resist. Every time I put on another pair of jeans I find myself wanting to slide back in my dark skinnies (which happen to be from f21 for a whopping $9.50, now just a $1 more). While skinnies are not for everyone, a dark jean is. It's beyond flattering. Just be sure to get your jeans hemmed to the length that you'll be wearing them most. Plan on wearing with mostly flats? Invest the $15 or so dollars on alterations to hem so you don't keep stepping on your jeans. It's worth it! I swear that little fix is the reason why people so often ask if my skinnies are J. Brand. Sure, of course they are. (insert secret giggle to self).

Dark Chocolate

Fashion be dammed, this girl loves her dark chocolate as much as her dark jeans! Since some doctors have somehow declared it healthy, I now of course have permission to indulge nightly. The hubs and I often take a smal handful of dark chocolate m&m's after every meal. Lately, though, I've been all about the Godiva pearls. They were impossible to find for ages, but I've seen them popping up more and more.

A big thank you to Alyson for her guest post.  If you want to learn more about Alyson check out her blog The Average Girl's Guide.   I am actually making an appearance on her blog today. 

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