Saturday, August 20, 2011

Savings Saturday - Michael Kors Colorblock Dress

I love so many items from Michael Kors Fall Catalog 2011, but one item really stood out – the Colorblock Dress.

This dress is gorgeous and would be flattering on every figure.  The color blocking makes your waist look so small.  Sadly, this dress costs $1,995.  Thus, I will never own it. But I was able to recreate an outfit with the same look as the Michael Kors Colorblock Dress.   

Savings Saturday - Michael Kors Colorblock Dress

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My look is a top paired with a cobalt skirt, black belt and black bangles.  The black belt and black bangles work as the colorblock aspect of the Michael Kors dress.  Just out the bangles on the outside of the shirt (just like Nina Garica did on Project Runway this week).

The great thing about this look it costs only $105.  I miss the cobalt on the sleeves, but for $1,890 saved I’ll forget about the cobalt blue sleeves.

What do you think of this look for less?

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