Friday, August 19, 2011

Review - Urban Decay Lip Junkie

I received Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Wallflower in a giveaway from I Have A Degree in This!  I love lip gloss.  I have never been a lipstick girl.  I am not sure why, but I don't like how it feels on my lips.  So I am always looking to try new lip gloss.  I think I have now found the perfect lip gloss.  

I fell in love with the Urban Decay Lip Junkie gloss.  The gloss goes on thick, but not too thick.  Plus, it doesn't leave the sticky mess that you get from other gloss.  The gloss provides a cooling sensation when first applied which leaves my lips feeling refreshed. 

The gloss costs $19.00 and is definitely worth it.  My only wish is that the gloss would last longer.  The gloss lasts a couple hours without reapplying but I definitely would like it to go a little more.

Have you tried Urban Decay Lip Junkie?

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