Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Giveaway Wednesday

It’s that time again – Giveaway Wednesday.  I love when I find giveaways, not only because an item is free, but because I learn about new blogs and about new shops or brands.  I have discovered so many new stores I can’t contain my excitement. 

This Wednesday is a little different from my other Giveaway Wednesday posts.  I had 26 giveaways listed as of Monday.  When I went to add more Monday afternoon ALL of the giveaways were GONE!  GONE!  I seriously wanted to kill blogger.  So instead of the general descriptions with all the links I am doing a quick post so that you still get to see giveaways!  I may be missing some from the previous list, sorry guys!

1.  Win $25 worth of custom cards from Bon Bon Rose Girls

2.  Already Pretty is giving away products from Stilleto Hardware.  Click here.

3.  Win a $50 shop credit from Bouchique from The Daybook.

4.  Win a suede purple handbag from NZ Stree Style.

5.  Wardrobe Oxygen is giving away a gift basket valued at $100 from bodycology.  Click here

6.  Bride Blu and 8 other bloggers have paired up to giveaway necklaces from Soc Chic.  Check it out.

7.  Win jewelry from Moxie Jane from The Frugalista Diaries

8.  Win a dress from Shabby Apple from Studs and Pearls.

9.  Win your choice of a dress from The Daybook.

10.  Win a Phosphor Appear Black Crystal watch from Beauty Mark.

11.  Win a pair of Seychelles shoes from Anthroholic.

12.  Win a free top from High Gloss from Running on Happiness.

13.   Win a pair of UrbanMinx Aloof Boots from Color Me Nana.

14.  Win a $40 gift card from MAC from Dress with Courage.

15.  Five lucky winner will receive beauty products from D.G.S. Beauty.

16.  Win 3 Sigma brushes from In Their Closet.

17.  Win jewelry from Nadine Errsa from exPress-O.

18.  You can win two prizes from Kirstin Marie.

19.  Reviews . . . Love Maegan is giving away a gift basket from bodycology.

20.  The Shine Project is giving away a $25 shop credit to Mode Chic Shop.  Click here to enter!

21.  Want to win a $25 gift card to Express?  Check out Steffys Pros and Cons.  

22.  Addicted to Etsy is giving away two different giveaways.  See it here!

Again, sorry for the short post for Giveaway Wednesday.  I promise it will be back to normal next week as long as Blogger doesn't eat my post!

Each week I do a Giveaway Wednesday post, if you would like to have your giveaway featured in my blog contact me.


Kristin said...

Thanks for including us in your roundup!

B.Inspired said...

I'll have a giveaway for you to include for next week's post ;)

Fashion By Alicia said...

No problem Kristin! I'll always try to include you!

B-just send me the info and it will be in next weeks post :)

CreativeMama said...

Would like to invite you to participate in VOGUE Tote Giveaway hosted on my blog Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict. Click HERE

cheryl denise said...

ooh, i love this! makes it so much easier to enter. i'm going to be doing a giveaway once i reach 100 followers - so i'll be sure to reach out to you so you can post it :)

a peek of chic

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