Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Mix and Match

This month’s challenge for Everybody Everywear is to mix and match prints or pattern mixing.  When I think of mixing and matching prints the first thing I think of is Mondo Guerra of Project Runway.  Mondo could mix and match prints amazingly.  I was never a fan of mixing and matching prints until I saw what he could do.  Below are two of my favorite looks from Mondo.  


Mixing and matching prints is really challenging.  But here are some tips to make the look stylish without looking like you stepped out of a circus show.

When mixing stripes pay attention to proportions pair thick and thin stripes and play up areas that you want to emphasize with the large stripes and play down “problem areas” with the small stripes.

When selecting colors for mixing and matching a safe plan is to pair neutral prints with a busier print try a neutral floral print with a bright or neon stripe.

Another way to play with mixing prints is by playing with texture.  The first look from Mondo above really plays with texture.

Here is how I mixed and matched prints.  I decided to play up texture and use a tweed skirt as one of my prints and stripes as the other.   I couldn't decide what look I liked best so I picked two.

Black Tweed Skirt - Banana Republic (no longer available) - Similar 
Black Blazer - JCPenny (no longer available) - Similar 
MS SS Tee - Assorted Stripe - Target
Cole Haan Air Rachel Pumps - Cole Haan (no longer available) - Similar
String of Pearls - Gabriel Brothers (not available online) - Similar 

MeronaWomen's Boatneck Pullover Top - Blue/White - Target
Black Tweed Skirt - Banana Republic (no longer available) - Similar 
Red Pumps - Nine West (no longer available) - Similar 
Red Bead Necklace - Forever 21 (no longer available) - Similar
Red Clutch - No Idea So Old - Similar

Which look do you like best?  Will you mix and match prints?  

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