Monday, August 22, 2011

Can Round Body Types Wear Belts?

I love receiving reader questions through email, twitter, or Facebook.  I recently received a reader question regarding wearing belts. 

Hi Alicia,

I really enjoyed your outfit with the black belt.  It made you have such a small waist.  I have a round body.  Can I wear belts to create a waist?



So can anyone wear belts?  The answer is it depends.  I know, I know a very lawyer like answer.  But really it does depend.  First, you do not have to wear belts to create a waist and if belts aren’t your style don’t wear them.  You want to be comfortable in everything you wear and if you aren’t comfortable then don’t wear them.

Now here are some tips for a round or apple body typea and wearing belts.  If you have a round or apple body shape you want to create an hourglass body shape. That’s right an hourglass.  Think Marilyn Monroe and discovering your curves.  Since you are an apple or round shape body you carry your weight in the middle, but you can still create curves. 

There are several ways to create curves. 

Tip #1 – Balance Proportions 

You will want to show off skin but not too much skin (no one wants to see your female anatomy unless they are a perve).  So show a little leg with a skirt or a lower cut top but not too low cut.  When showing off skin select tops that fit the smallest part of your torso (right below your tatas). 

This is obviously showing too much skin. 

Look for tops that have darts or seems that fit the smallest part of your body.  You may have to take a tailor to get this effect.

Round Body Type Tips

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Tip #2 – Wear Solid Colors and Layer

Solid colors and layering really help round or apple body types.  Layering will help create curves.  Here is a look for layering:

Round or Apple Layering

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Tip #3 – Wear a Belt

If you are a round or apple body type you can wear a belt.  Cinch your waist to create that hourglass look.  Remember when selecting a belt to pay attention to your proportions.  If you are petite select a skinny belt.  A larger belt will cut your body and make you look shorter.  If you are taller you can go with a thicker belt.  To wear a belt find the thinnest part of your torso and that is wear your belt should be located.

Belts - Round & Apple

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I hope these tips help.  If you have any questions or would like fashion questions answered email me at

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