Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Fashion Tips for Rectangle Body Shapes

Another addition of Tip Tuesday deals with dressing your body type.  If your body is well proportioned and all of your measurements are about the same you will have a Rectangular, Banana, or Straight shaped body type.  Examples of Rectangular Body Shapes are Cameron Diaz, Claire Danes, and Keira Knightley.  These stars have “boyish” rectangular frames.  This shape is really easy to dress but you will want to wear clothing that makes you look like you have shapes by creating curvature both on top and the bottom.

For Rectangle bodies you will want to wear tops that create curves. You can do this by wearing wrap tops. This will emphasize your waist. Also wear tops with a scoop or v-neckline and tops that go to your waistline. Tops like these will draw attention to your face. You can also select tops that are detailed. Choose tops that have front pocket details, paneling or pleating. If you have a Rectangle body shape a belt will be your best friend this will cinch your waist and create the illusion that you are curvy.

When selecting pants look to jeans that hug your body but are not too tight. You will want jeans that have large back pockets or pockets with flaps so that your bottom will look fuller. With a Rectangle body you will be able to wear any style, shape or length, but avoid ultra low rises because they will make your top look too long.

For dresses select dresses that have a waistband to create curves. You can select wrap dresses or belted dresses to do this. Rectangle shape bodies look best in skirts that are pencil, a-line, and flared skirts. I would recommend wearing a pencil skirt that hits right above your knees with a pleated blouse tucked in.

For Rectangle shaped bodies avoid vertical patterns to make you look think and lanky. Remember you are trying to look as though you have curves. You will also want to stay away from cropped jackets. These jackets end at your waist and not create curves.

 The wrap dress above helps create curves by emphasizing the waist.

 I love this skirt and blouse combo. Since the skirt is pencil it helps hug the highs making you look fuller if you have a Rectangle shape body. By tucking in the blouse it will emphasize your waist drawing the eyes to the waist and therefore creating the illusion that you have curves.

Remember to have fun with your body type and always wear things that you are comfortable wearing. I hope these fashion tips help and look for more in the future. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

I agree on all the above! great tips!

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