Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Fashion Tips for Petite Body Types

In addition to dressing for your body shape, you must also consider dressing for your height.  Some manufacturers have different height guidelines, but as a general rule if you are under 5’4” you are considered petite.  Celebrities that are considered petite are Sandra Bullock (5’4”), Reese Witherspoon (5’0”), Jennifer Aniston (5’4”), and Sarah Jessica Parker (5’2”).  I never realized that these leading ladies were so short because they dress to make themselves appear taller.  I have never had an issue with making myself appear taller.  I have been 5’8” since sixth grade!  But even though I am not petite I have some suggestions for dressing if you are petite.

If you are petite you will want to buy proportional clothes.  Get clothes that fit your arm lengths.  If a shirt is too long in the sleeves or the shoulders you will look big.  Try a shirt with three quarter sleeves.  This will make your arms and upper body look longer.   If you want to wear prints avoid large ones.  As a general rule if the print is larger than your fist it is too large.

Show off your best assets.  Being petite you will want to show off your legs.  Choose skirts that hit above your knee.  By selecting skirts that are shorter you will make your leg appear longer.  Avoid calf-length or ankle-length skirts.

When selecting pants choose straight leg trousers or jeans.  Do not wear tapered pants.  These pants look terrible on everyone!  Also avoid flared or bootcut trousers these pants will make you appear shorter.

Another way to look taker is going with a monochromatic outfit.  Basically this means selecting the same color from head to toe.  This will give the illusion that you have a long line.

My last tip for dressing a petite body is to buy pointy toed or open toed shoes.  These shoes will make your appear longer and leaner.  Avoid shoes that are squared toed.  Squared toed shoes will cut off the line and therefore will make your appear short.  If you are comfortable wear shoes with a heel between 1 and 2 inches.  I know everyone can’t wear heels and I don’t recommend that all the time.  But for a night out on the town definitely wear heels to make the illusion that you are taller.

Here are a few of my outfit chooses if you have a petite figure.

My first outfit choice is a white blouse and black above the knee skirt.  I selected this outfit because the shirt will give the look that your arms are longer since it it is short sleeved and v-necked.  The skirt will make your legs look longer.  I would wear this outfit with open toe shoes.  I think showing a little bit of skin along with a skirt is sexy and sophisticated at the same time. 

My second outfit choice for a petite body is one of my favorite outfits.  The outfit is a black jacket with three quarter length jacket and dark straight leg jeans.  This outfit creates the illusion that you are long and tall.  You could pair this with pair of pointy toe pumps or if you wanted to show a little more skin, open toe shoes.

Remember to be comfortable in your body.  If you have confidence you will appear taller than you really are.  I hope these tips help.  Follow me to learn more fashion tips and if you have any questions contact me.  


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post and so helpful for us shorties!! LOL..Thank you girl.

<3 Marina

Fashion By Alicia said...

Glad you enjoyed the post!

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