Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursdays are for My Favorite Things

This week’s addition of my favorite things are all food related.  I love food.  I always have.  When I was in 1st grade we had to tell everyone what are favorite food was most of my fellow classmates picked pizza, French fries, hamburgers, the typical kids food picks.  What was my favorite food?  Lobster.  I love seafood and lobster is on the top of that list.  I ate a whole lobster when I was 4 years old and the love for lobster has never left.

So my first favorite thing is of course, Lobster!  Yum.  Just thinking about lobster makes my mouth water.  I love dipping the meat in butter and eating every last drop.

 My next favorite item is butter!  I honestly think that you can never have too much butter.  I know butter isn’t technically a meal or food, but without butter the meal isn’t complete.  My mom use to find fingerprints in the butter dish when I was little and wonder where they came from, it was me.  I use to run my finger down the stick of butter and eat it.  It may sound disgusting but trust me it is really good.  As I have gotten older I have started eating less and less butter, but I still hold butter near and dear to my heart.

My last favorite item of the week is Fettuccine alfredo.  This food always makes me smile and happy.  I have always loved alfredo, but now I am completely spoiled.  My Hubby and I went to a restaurant in St. Louis that had the best alfredo I have ever ate.  The trick 1) homemade pasta and 2) an egg yolk that you mixed into the cream sauce.  It was so amazing!

 What are your favorite foods?


Alyson said...

YUM! Love lobster and butter, too. just had the most amazing soft butter at a farm in Vermont we visited where they had the most amazing brunch. Mmm. dreaming.


Laura G. said...

Every time I cook with butter, I think of you.

The Daily Tiara said...

YUM! I love all three of those as well! Butter is amazing. You can never have too much!!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Alyson - the farm fresh butter sounds amazing! I wish I could have some.

Laura - butter makes the world go round ;)

The Daily Tiara - Butter is sooo delicious.

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