Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wardrobe Essentials?

I love reading about what wardrobe items are essential for my closet and then I look in my closet and don’t have these items.  Some of these items are probably essential, but picking out pieces for your closet should be based upon style and lifestyle.

When I started working as an attorney, I purchased several suits and multiple pairs of dress pants.  These items were essential for my work, but now that I am at home sitting around (blogging) the suits are not essential.

Majorie Broady of Brody Communications, Inc. recommends the following basics:  black or gray suit, dark burgundy or navy suit, contrasting jacket and skirt, two-piece dress, several white or off-white blouses, a solid color blouse, one pair gold earrings, one pair silver earrings, scarves that pick up colors from the suits, black pumps, navy or taupe pumps, neutral or taupe hosiery, black leather handbag, all weather coat, and a black, brown, or burgundy briefcase. 



In the Style Noir author Constance C. R. White says every woman needs these key elements:  one trouser suit, a jacket and skirt that work together, a blouse, a knit top, a basic cotton man’s t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a short black evening dress, a glossy raincoat of water-repellant micro fiber, a pair of black pumps, three pairs of stockings, one pair of trouser socks, a large silk scarf, a black leather or nylon handbag, and a small evening bag.

Can anyone say that they have only these essential items in their closets?  Yes, I have a few of these key items, but I have other items as well.  If I only had these items in my closet I would look like everyone else and my closet would be BORING.  Certain items are important.  A suit is important.  You can wear a suit to interviews (depending on the job), jury duty (I used mine recently), and even a funeral.  Select a suit that fits your style and your personality.  I have a skirt suit that I love and will keep in my closet even if I don’t need it right now.  I would recommend a black, navy, or grey suit, but BURGUNDY?  Who wears burgundy unless you are Will Ferrell in Anchorman?  

The suggestions from Broady and White are helpful when you are starting to get your closet organized and preparing for the work force.  Select items that you love and items that fit your style.  Definitely select accessories other than one pair of gold and silver earrings.  Be creative, have fun, and be confident in your clothes.  If you are confident you will wear the clothes and the clothes won’t wear you. 

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